Are you spending so much time working IN your business that you don’t have time to work IN your genius?


An Online Business Manager will…

  • Work closely with you to determine what you are working on in your business that should be handled by an assistant or sub-contractor.
  • Give you back the time to work in your genius by handling the management of your team and the company projects.
  • Search for and hire the perfect team members for you.
  • Develop best practice documents for your business.
  • Deliver regular, pertinent reports to you on the state of your business.

By taking you out of the day-to-day and details for each project, you can focus on growing your company to the next level.

Online Business Manager Relationship Flow Chart

Happy-Biz-WomanAfter you make the decision to work with an Online Business Manager, you will be free to get creative again, bring on new clients, develop new ideas to grow your business, and you’ll also have the time to get out there in front of your ideal clients in-person.

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Virtual Sun Online Solutions specializes in…

  • Infusionsoft | 1ShoppingCart | Aweber
  • Business Marketing
  • Social Media Management – Facebook | Facebook Page | LinkedIn | Twitter | Pinterest
  • Website & Blog Creation – Maintenance
  • Product & Program Development/Marketing
  • Live Event Support & Promotion
  • Website – Create & Maintain
  • Blog – Create & Maintain
  • Client/Customer Service Management & Support

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